Denim Dispatch

(As the denim wave rolls on, JC Report will keep you in the loop about the latest hot jeans)The denim juggernaut shows no sign of abating – even eye shadow has now gotten in on the action with Jeans de Chanel‘s denim color palette, complete with stitching. So throw into the mix a line hand-sewn by Kentucky craftswomen and men and constructed of Japanese denim, called Rag and Bone. Two Londoners, Nathan Bogle and Marcus Wainwright, who dropped anchor in New York, were perplexed at the lack of selection of clothing to live and work in, and wanted to create a line of denim that had the feeling of hand-tailored trousers, rather than “jeans,” for discerning gentlemen like themselves. With attention to the finer details, like color stitching and well-cut buttonholes, these jeans have quickly garnered a cult following with the likes of Jude Law as well as Damon Albarn and Alex James from Blur. “Clothes should be about quality and authenticity above anything else, we don’t want to lose sight of that,” said Wainwright when queried about his philosophy behind this hot new entrant on the denim scene. It seems to be a theme people can identify with: Union and Isa already carry the line in NYC, and starting in September you’ll be able to get your hands on them at Opening Ceremony in NYC and Jones in London.

- Meghan Cleary
Photo: Rag and Bone

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