Designer Profile: Pompa Vana

Pompa VanaWorking with international artists to create limited edition printed swimwear and intimate apparel collections, Argentine label Pompa Vana is proving that big things can come from small canvases. Founded by best friends Natalia Sturba and Belen Garat, the design duo is receiving kudos for introducing charming briefs and bikinis into the resort and summer market. With new collaborations each season, this unique brand is cultivating a global following from their hub in Buenos Aires.

Founded in 2008, Pompa Vana is becoming known for both its contemporary silhouettes as well as its amusing prints, which are primarily printed on elastane and cotton fabrics. Pompa Vana is currently exhibiting the works of Dutch graffiti artist Daniel Stroomer as well as freelance artist Azul de Corso. The collection includes ring halter tops, briefs with an oceanic floor of coral and bright blue floral as well as blood orange and yellow striped layered umbrellas on a flattering string bikini set.

Pompa VanaPrevious collections have included culturally inspired designs and illustrations, reflecting the diversity of the duo’s international collaborations. The Hindu Indie underwear collection, for instance, showcases ornate elephants, an Indian sun goddess and yoga guru. Doubly inspired by their canvas, Sturba and Garat note that the shapes of their intimate collections often influence the prints, most notably in their vintage “Happy Hippie” culotte panties with VW bus and rainbow landscape.

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