Doctor-ed Martens

Doc Martens, the venerable footwear brand responsible for some of music’s most vivid iconography — think Sid Vicious and The Clash — is starting to gain traction again through the pages of such style bibles as ID, Jalouse, and Italian Vogue magazine. Working closely with influential stylists and key designers like Luella Bartley, Imitation of Christ and Organization for Returning Fashion Interest, Doc Martens is capitalizing on its long history of customization. “Doc Martens really has quite a similar history to Levi’s–we’re a brand born from a functional product, a history of rebellion and we’re an icon of our country’s British culture,” says Jason Thome, Director of Marketing for the company. “We are always linked with people who are known to rock their Doc Martens.” Indeed, in the 1960′s the hard Mods painted the tips of their steel toed Doc Martens white as warning that they would actually kick your ass. In the 70′s the color of your shoelace was known to mark your fierceness. In the 80′s Doc Martens became the working man’s boot of choice (see any London underground conductor) and in the 90′s music groups like No Doubt again picked up the spirit of rebellion with their take on the famous boot. Hosting collaboration events with designers like Yoko Devereaux, Julian & Sophie, Keanan Duffty, United Bamboo and Zaldy, Doc Martens is worthy of talking about again. Will the mass consumer follow?

- Meghan Cleary

Photo: Yoko Devereaux for Doc Martens

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