Ear Clipping, the Anti-Piercing

Over at JC Report, we love pieces that are clever without being cumbersome. The simple hook on earrings from London-based COOPS fall into that category. We find ourselves asking ‘why haven’t I seen it quite done like this before?’ In short, these accessories are set to kick off an ‘ear clip’ trend.

Clever without being cumbersome–a modest piece of metal in an array of yellow gold, rose gold and silver– they are are simple but unforgettable.  COOPS are not clips per se but closer to…pinchers, which takes away the ow! factor and leaves just the wow! factor. Form or function; why choose? Using the force of gravity, a style savvy girl needs only pinch them on to her lobe, cartilage or pierced stud to add a pop of futuristic form.

Like oil on canvas COOPS are not a loud flash in the pan, but a conversation piece. This is a look that is verging on the cusp of a total fashion spotlight moment.

Designer Emma Sharp matriculates years in the fine jewelry design business with these little beauties. Take one look at the COOPS website  and you’ll understand that cylindrical, geometric, linear comeliness is what’s been captured in her flagship line. This clip is cheeky, complete and that one little detail that can finish out a ripped black denim and chunky-heel look or add some sweetness to a sheer cover-up on Miami Beach. Try rose hearts for Valentines Day, original silver loops for Christmas or original yellow gold for Me Day.

-Hayly Mickles

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