Election Style Hangover: Mrs. O

Modern — the woman, like the dress, like the administration to come. We, like the rest of the fashion press, are obsessed.

First and foremost, WWD foretells that the reign of the 44th Family-elect won’t be any New Camelot. Instead, our new President and his young family from the Windy City will bring their own youthful, low-key style to the White House. wwd.com.

The Associated Press agrees. washingtonpost.com.

And speaking of youthful, the Independent declared Michelle Obama’s arrival the end of the "desperate-housewife look" in Washington. In contrast to Laura Bush and her one-time rival Cindy McCain, Lady O is au fait with more fashion-conscious labels like Thakoon and Azzedine Alaïa. independent.co.uk.

So, the dress — people are talking.

Michelle Obama stepped out on stage election night in Narciso Rodriguez. Good press for Narciso. Bad press for Michelle? blogs.wsj.com.

Many shared a widely held view that Mrs. Obama had exhibited a rare lapse in taste. The populace seem to wince, while fashion says yes. "That dress was unpretentious," said Julie Gilhart, the fashion director of Barneys New York. "It said, ‘Be who you are — don’t let someone else tell you how to be.’" Mrs. O, whose staff has said she does not use a personal stylist, "is not sitting around going through fashion look books and having confabs," said Andre Leon Talley, the editor at large for Vogue. "She is just going through her closet and picking out what’s right for her.” The New York Times reminds us that her style is certainly a departure from the starchy attire that first ladies have historically favored. This, at the least, promises four lively years of fashion-watching at the White House. thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com.

New York Magazine notes that the fashion set has cause for a celebration, firstly because the presidential victor is Barack Obama — who the industry overwhelmingly supported — and also because Michelle Obama shall go with him to the White House with truckloads of fabulous taste and clothes. Her dress from Narciso Rodriguez’s spring 2009 collection was one of the most critically acclaimed of New York Fashion Week. What will she choose for the inaugural ball? nymag.com.

Lastly, while CFDA-recognized Nancy Reagan, for instance, still lingers as a political style icon, not since the days of Jackie Kennedy has there been such buzz around the fashion of a First Lady. Jackie who? blogs.wsj.com.


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