Embroidered Accessories for Summer and Beyond

Sophia 203The cheerful temperament surrounding this season’s bright prints has made its way into the accessories market as well. From Kelsey Quan’s bold, eye-catching jewelry to Jennifer Behr’s playful head pieces, accessories design is finally branching out from the chunky, brooding aesthetic of recent years toward a more playful take on stylistic adornment. New accessories line Sophia 203 adopts this carefree approach with a collection of colorfully hued, handmade pieces that combine traditional technique with modern wit.

Sophia 203Founded by Swedish-born designer Sophia Edstrand, the brand’s aesthetic was inspired by a unique weaving technique that she came across while exploring the bazaars of Jaipur, India. Though traditionally associated with Indian wedding ceremonies, the silk embroidery process translated naturally into her simple, modern designs. “I was instantly attracted to the luminosity of this silk-embroidery technique,” Edstrand admits. “The ways in which such craftsmanship enables each of my whimsical pieces to really come alive is precisely what continues to inspire me and the evolution of Sophia 203.”

Sophia 203Although Edstrand’s designs encompass headbands, necklaces, belts, cuffs and handbags, her pieces can almost be mistaken as embroidered embellishments rather than autonomous accessories. But such ambiguity is also part of Sophia 203′s appeal. The brand revels in youthful icons of beauty (butterflies, hearts, flowers) that break away from otherwise tired, cliche associations while conjuring a sweet pang of familiarity.

Currently stocked at Paris’ Colette and Le Bon Marche, Sophia 203′s pieces will be more widely available through an exclusive online story in June.

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