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Essential Brushes and Tools of the Trade

Geoffrey Rodriguez


beautyblenderWhile innovative cosmetic formulations remain at the forefront of the industry’s success, few products perform effectively without the proper tools. Finding the right tools that are versatile, practical, and comfortable to use are an essential part of anyone’s cosmetic wardrobe. This issue of Beauty Guru is dedicated to the best make-up tools available. From prestige brands to eco-friendly brushes as well as the most affordable on the market, the following suggestions are sure to enhance your beauty regime and address every possible need.


Beauty Blender

Always on our list of the most essential tools, the Beauty Blender has brought new meaning to the term “flawless perfection.” Now available in chic black, this incredible egg-shaped sponge is extremely practical and blends foundation, concealer, etc. to an absolutely seamless finish.




Chanel has recently added a complete line of professionally inspired brushes and tools to its product roster. Although there have always been some brushes available in Chanel’s range, the new collection was cleverly redesigned in a manner that’s in-tune with the brand’s iconic image—sleek, simple, timelessly chic and absolutely essential. The matte black lash curler is among our favorites, but the entire collection addresses every possible tool need.



Dior’s partnership with the highly respected French artist’s paintbrush manufacturers Raphael has produced some of the most beautiful and tactile brushes available. Sure to inspire the true inner-artist, each brush was purposefully designed to be used with a specific Dior formulation for an optimal application. The small collection of brushes is aesthetically quite lovely, unique in overall design and of superior quality.



Inspired by an overall appreciation for beauty and a firm commitment to preserving the environment, Ecotools offers a full range of cruelty-free make-up brushes, tools and accessories. The brushes are comprised of sleek bamboo handles, recycled aluminum and synthetic Taklon bristles. Ecotools receives our highest ratings for brand consciousness and for addressing every possible make-up need with its extensive line of eco-friendly brushes and tools.



Few cosmetic brands are as globally recognized as MAC Cosmetics. While the brand offers one of the most extensive ranges of color cosmetics available anywhere, the brushes are the crown jewels of this cosmetics empire. With yet another vast selection of styles, bristles and professionally inspired products to choose from, MAC’s selection of tools is virtually unbeatable. In fact, several of the brushes, including the #224 Tapered Blending Brush and #219 Pencil Brush, have become indispensable amongst professionals and devotees.



An affordable approach to luxury beauty is the philosophy at E.L.F cosmetics. Since initially launching in 2004, the brand has grown to include some of the most inexpensive, high-performance tools available. The Essential brush series includes a full set of brushes—which each sell for one dollar—so there’s no reason not to explore the entire roster of products.



Stila Cosmetics are pioneers in offering professionally inspired tools, and have always included a small yet very concise selection on their range. From the completely customizable and re-fillable compacts to our favorite multi-functional double-sided brushes, including the incredible #33 One-Step Complexion Brush, Stila’s tools receive our highest ratings.






Addressing every possible personal grooming need, Tweezerman offers the most extensive range of high-grade tools available. From every imaginable brow-taming tool to lash curlers, manicure and pedicure implements as well as a variety of incredibly clever kits, Tweezerman’s selection is unbeatable and the quality is unrivaled.





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  1. I like using Stila products as they are always made well and last a really long time. I’ve bookmarked your site as it’s loaded with lots of really good tips and products.

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