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Ett Hem Chic

Jason Campbell

Ett Hem, the year old boutique hotel located in the Lärkstaden district of Stockholm, translates in English to ‘a home’; an abode that’s not unlike a visit to a relative who has incredible taste in interiors.

The stand-in visionary family member is owner Jeanette Mix who collaborated with Ilse Crawford, the English interior designer of Studioilse, and architect Anders Landström.  The trio drew from the aesthetic history of the house which was originally designed by Fredrik Dahlberg. It was also once owned by a government official and his art loving wife; both of whom embraced the movement of the day where design was applied to everyday objects and domestic architecture the rage. In paying homage to these rich histories, the team has produced a gem of a hotel anchored in solid Swedish design, homey comforts and good food.

Walking off of the sidewalk, through the wrought iron gates, past the courtyard and into the 100-year old building cum urban retreat, the reception is immediately warm. Design, albeit of the “human-centric” variety is everywhere in this communal spaces.  The sitting area doubles as a reception hall and resembles more of a reading nook than a nondescript transactional entry point. Looking over the room, the eyes will find delight in Hans Wegner chairs and velvet and leather colored couches which add to the aura of relaxation. Past these comforts lies an epic dining table, claiming visual ownership of the area. Flanked by Ames chairs and a solid wall of design books, the combination serves to anchor the expansive space.

Before checking out the legendary kitchen I situate myself in one of the six guest suites. Ett Hem guests can choose from a duplex suite or one of the five double bedrooms; either way all is calm and serene. The color palette includes fresh pale grays and yellow accents which infuse the room with a certain lightness. These hues also create a warm energy that mirrors light-filled Sundays at home.  The scene? A radiator (discreetly hidden behind decorated metal) warms the space while the scent of baking wafts from downstairs. The final touch is Sunday’s paper, strewn with indelicate familiarity across the bed. It’s truly home away from home.

The domestic mise-en-scène is inherent of Ett Hem, but nowhere is it more apparent than in the descent to the kitchen. It’s a sensory and emotional throwback to the family kitchen of old. Leaning over a counter, you place your meal order while the aroma of slow cooked meals and comfort wafts about you. The menu is simple; what’s in season is what you’ll find on your plate. The ultimate in the farm to table concept. True to the “home” concept, the staff even encourages guests to go into the fridge for a glass of orange juice, milk or yogurt. The high ceilings and generous shelving sprinkled with decorative kitchen utensils only solidifies the kitchens place as the heart of the house.

Rounding out the “at home” experience is a glass covered house annexed to the kitchen; the perfect place to take your meals. There you’re fully surrounded by a walled garden which delivers a comforting cocooning effect even while you’re outside.

–Jason Campbell

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