Fabulous Holiday Wish List 2008

Continuing with our annual Fabulous Wish List, we asked our favorite bloggers, designers, writers and editors what they want for the holidays. From world peace to watches, priceless paintings to Paris vacations, here’s a list of worthy wishes.


I tend to wish for the impossible, but if you don’t ask, you won’t get it: an overnight stay at Daphne Guinness’ abode complete with a personal tour of her closet, a trip to Paris during Fashion Week and a front-row seat at the Lanvin show, the ultra luxe Boucheron 150 Gold Vertu phone, lunch with Aliona Doletskaya of Vogue Russia, the chance to hang out with the amazing Edward Enninful, who I adore so much. That’s about it, really. Oh, and world peace—definitely world peace.

Diane Pernet
Founder of ASVOFF and A Shaded View on Fashion, co-editor in chief of ZOO Magazine

A round trip ticket to Buenos Aires with my friend Robb Young.

Gentry de Paris

I want vintage fur: a ’50s sable wrap, a Belle Epoque ermine muff and a ’20s full-length mink or squirrel coat. I really don’t want to offend anyone with my tastes and apologize in advance if anyone is upset by my choice; but it is damn cold here in Paris and fur is the only way to keep warm and movie-star glamorous at the same time.

Joakim Andreasson
Managing Director, Helmut Lang Studio
New York

A Powerplate!

Rebecca Voight

I would like Maison Darré’s “Einstein Lamp”—it’s in a limited edition of 50. I sipped champagne next to one last night at VDs
Noël fête and became positively smitten. Also high on my list is Maison Darré’s “Bureau Vanité” with a black lacquer table top and white bone legs—oh la la!

Imran Amed
Editor, The Business of Fashion

For Christmas, I want a Crystal Ball. 2009 is going to be one of the most interesting years in recent memory—for a rapidly deteriorating economy, for seismic shifts in consumer behavior and for a flourishing of creativity as designers have to do more with less. I just can’t wait to see how it all plays out. We’ll be covering all of it on the brand new Business of Fashion website.

Andre Walker
Designer and founder of Tiwimuta
New York

Pantone Color Marker Kit box of 72, 1O pairs of Hermès knee socks in cashmere, public recycling recepticals all over NYC (everywhere including subways street corners and everywhere else), full Dunhill Kit for winter 2010 and a service that sends all of my Christmas cards and holiday communications.

Rafe Totengco
Accessories Designer
New York

First wish: equal rights for all Americans—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Second: live and let live—let’s stop getting into each other’s business and judging people by their race, religion and preferences. World peace, it can happen if we try. Third, for the fashionista in me, a pair of slouchy motorcycle boots from Cabane de Zucca. I saw them in Tokyo and I talked myself out of it. I rarely regret anything but that I regret. Fourth, anything from Number (N)ine and Robert Geller—the details that go into each piece of clothing they design are so innovative and thoughtful. Fifth, the new and bigger Cape Cod watch from Hermès with a grey matte crocodile strap. It’s low key and so chic!

Julia Jentsh
New York

A deer-proof fence for my vegetable garden 2009.

Jasmin Shokrian
Los Angeles

A black cape, a black vintage Hermès clock for my studio, a reservation and trip to El Bulli, a backer, a store, a partner, a lover, that Zak Prekop painting at Karyn Lovegrove’s home gallery, drum lessons, structure, paint and blank surfaces, a trip to Iran, a lifelong subscription to World of Interiors, a 16mm Bolex camera and a round of health, happiness, peace and true friendship for everyone.

Richard Haines
New York

Barack Obama won, so that’s pretty much my wish for the year, holiday, birthday—everything wrapped into one. On a more superficial side, I’d love a week in Paris sketching what’s around me, some wonderful art books and something major from Lanvin mens. I’d also like Santa to bring a new laptop for my daughter so she’ll stop taking mine.

Linlee Allen
Writer and Journlist
Los Angeles

Here are eight things that I’d like: a complete collection of Susan Sontag books and recorded essays, DVD box sets of vintage Charlie Rose interviews and tapes of the Merv Griffin Show, Product (RED) iPod’s for all of my friends with Delinlee Delovely playlists, a publisher for my book Linleelife in 2009, a lunch date with Quentin Tarantino, success and hot sex for all of my friends, a business class travel forevermore, continued fun times at my blog.

Jacques Shu
Founder, Jacques Shu Communication

Two weeks at the Amanpuri resort in Phuket in a villa with all my family and friends. A made-to-measure Helmet on www.boutiqueruby.com. The huge travel bag “haut à courroi” by Hermès in any fabric—I just want it. An original picture by Richard Avedon. A driver’s licence. A subscription to the health club of the Ritz or Hôtel Costes. Love ( +++ ). The new collection by Kitsuné, because it is very my style, effortlessly chic—it would be perfect to go to Amanpuri with my Hermès bag!

Ninette Murk
Founder/director of Designers Against AIDS

A grandchild, lots of wool & patterns so I can do my Zen knitting at all times, a workshop called “Beat Your Fear of Flying”—as I have to fly all over the world more and more for meetings and campaign shoots—and solar panels for our new education center.

Manish Arora
New Delhi

The new MacBook!

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