Fabulous Holiday Wish List 2009

In the midst of 2009′s holiday cheer, we asked our favorite bloggers, designers, writers and editors what they want for the holidays. Our annual Fabulous Wish List has always been a forum for tastemakers to vent their top desires—from access to Santa’s workshop to effecting change, climate change agreements to celebrity dates, here’s a list of worthy wishes.

Susie Crippen
Creative Director, J Brand

Los Angeles

There’s no material thing that I want. What would be on my wishlist is to have the next year of my life to be about effecting change in people’s lives and empowering other people. I can afford things now, but you recognize they’re not that important. Also traveling to places I’ve never been before.

Justin Giunta
Designer for Subversive Jewelry and Deviated

New York

All I want for Christmas is access to Santa’s workshop so I can keep producing Subversive and Deviated through 2010. If he can’t let me in, a new studio space of my own would be amazing!

Alban ADAM
PR & Independent Blogger


For the well-deserved winter holidays, I’d love two things. The first would be the modern classic caramel look from Dries Van Noten’s fall ’09 collection—I’m actually obsessed with DVN. Second, I would love to be able to go back to my hometown in the Eastern region of France, Alsace, with snow all over and my family around.

Steven Waldberg
Director Global Public Relations, Maybelline

New York

For Christmas, I would love nothing more than to see Hermès (or a very generous gentleman!) give my beloved colleague Kiva a big black crocodile Birkin. I’ve been hearing her beg for one forever so that would shut her up—and, more importantly, make her ecstatic!

Jeremy Laing


A pair of beaver fur gauntlet mittens, a horsehair tassle/fob from Hermès and a Kristine Moran painting.

Eva Kruse
CEO, Copenhagen Fashion Week


I wish for an ambitious political agreement on climate change and for longer legs.

Dominic Sio
Creative Director, Stimuli magazine


An imaginary Margiela t-shirt that says: “Fashion Embrace Humility” (printed upside down).

Sonny Groo
Founder and Editor-In-Chief Mykromag


I’d like a meeting with Jefferson Hack, Karl Lagerfeld or Karl Templer. Otherwise a date with Elijah Wood sounds good as well.

Louise Alves
Group PR Manager of Boutique 1


Ideally, winning the lottery. Slightly more realistically: A Peter Pilotto dress and literally anything by my favourite designer Phillip Lim, a restaurant reservation at El Bulli, a day of shopping on our new online store before the imminent launch and a holiday break at Datai in Langkawi. But, most importantly, lots of support from everyone worldwide for the Puffin Magic Foundation to help a dear friend.

Mary Ping
Designer, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

New York

Mysterious gifts that surprise, whose ideas and thoughts sit outside of the box.

Nina May
Owner of Nina and Lola


My Christmas wish list is a DNA test to find out what crossbread my dog is (they’re only £60—who knew?), the Tiny Rock ‘n Roll link necklace from Hannah Martin and a calmer, more peaceful new decade. I don’t think the Noughties will go down in history as anyone’s favorite decade.

Calla Haynes


I always ask for cash because I’m a hard person to shop for. Opening presents kinda makes me cringe because I cynically know there’s only about a 10% chance I’m going to like it. Technically, I asked for cash this year to go towards the new 27″ Quad-Core iMac.
But if I really could have more, I would want any footwear from Chloé Hiver 2009, the Pantone Color Cue 2.1 (which is like Shazam but for colours! So cool!), the catalogue of the Art Nouveau Revival exhibit at the Musée d’Orsay and a Boxing Day shopping spree at The Room, the new luxury floor at the Bay in Toronto.

Michael Schwartz
PR Manager at Nouveau-PR

New York

Ann Demeulemeester’s dark brown calf skin boots from a/w ’09.