Fall Favorite: Dhini

Dhini Pararajasingham remains one of our favorite Aussie designers because she is always thinking up something fresh. As her inspiration changes from story to story, we see her leap from this year’s Dhini A/W 08 theme "Artificial Future c. 1890," which adheres firmly to the realm of futuristic goth, to the infinitely flowing hemlines featured in S/S 09′s "Deity." Now, the dauntless Pararajasingham returns for A/W 09 with "Élan Vital," an exciting exploration of "the force that brings inanimate objects to life." Here, Pararajasingham plays with shape — sometimes of the whole silhouette and sometimes those of unexpected layers and surprise-seams. Using blacks, golds and royal blues, she puts a slight left-of-center twist on Victorian blouses and dresses, focusing form on the shoulders and arms. It is, yet again, a different Dhini tale.

Camille Drummond

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