FALTER: The One To Read

FALTER is a no-holds-barred, gimmick-free, minimalist platform from which to promote the world’s next generation of movements, artists and designers. The magazine is a limited-edition bi-annual international publication based out of London that succeeds in constructing a rich and varied perspective on the world.

Even if you’re only mildly interesting in international culture, you should grab an up-coming copy forthwith, as FALTER is the epitome of chic. The evocative and playful magazine crosses over and, at times, completely breaks down cultural divides, featuring cutting-edge architecture, art, design, fashion and photography in its pages.

Each issue is imbued with a unique theme, for which a hand-picked team of artists are set the task of attributing a piece of work. This libertarian system allows for truly independent, subjective and multi-faceted material. Edition 03 (due out in March 2009), for example, centers around the idea of transformation through light and darkness.

Launched by creative agency FALTERpractice, FALTER magazine is a multi-disciplinary experience that exceeds traditional content and medium expectations. What’s more, each issue is inscribed with a special serial number, making every copy a highly readable coffee table book and priceless memento as well as a collectors item.

For more information, go to www.FALTERpractice.com.

—Candice Rafferty

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