Fashion Rio: Lenny Touches Down

When asked if having limited fabric makes swimwear design more difficult, Lenny Niemeyer simply replied: “It’s a more challenging process.” But the Grand Dame of Fashion Rio hides the ardor well—we’ve only ever seen breathtaking collections by her and spring/summer ’10 was no exception.

Backstage Niemeyer spoke about a woman satellite-ing around picking up varying signals, merging the celestial with the technological. In the program notes, she further defines this idea stating, “On that flight, she collects different cultures; creates and deconstructs laser-cut prints, new tech pleating, ties and vibrant colors.” Forgoing the inclination to give some meaning to the pieces sent down the runway, Lenny simply focuses on creating the ultimate chic beachwear.

Even with experimental looks, such as tubular construction and unique cut-outs that traversed the body, this season’s looks were deadly sexy. Then came the asymmetrical folded bikinis as well as the banded group that closed the show, which featured strips of heavy bandage that created new curves along the way. The bodycon expression was further accentuated by an even smaller bottom and unexpected laser cut-outs. What may sound severe was nicely softened in taupe and lime green palettes, batik and landscape prints and a few silk blazers, jumpsuits and wrap dresses thrown in for balance. All in all, it was sublime.

—Jason Campbell

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