Fashion Rio: Near Assault, Diagnosis Exhaustion, Victor Dzenk, Fasano Repose

I always have a major time time in Rio. I haven’t experienced one of those horror stories you hear about that can take place in the city. Though while walking with Raphael Mendonca yesterday from Fasano Hotel back to Ipanema Plaza, these street urchins were cleverly trying create a web around us surely to rob or harm us. My guard is never down in Rio (or any other city for that matter) and being acutely aware of what was going on I shook a finger at one of the would be culprits signaling to him that this was not going to happen—they scattered.

Anyway, my last couple days in Rio were a mix of full days at the shows, and late evenings at restaurants near the hotel having a drink or grabbing a late night meal. Of course Zaza was on the menu and gang of us descended on the kitschy dining spot for apres show drinks. Boodah is a new cool sushi spot on Rua Texeira de Melo, 30 that opened just a block off the beach and the sushi is really good, the crowd super trendy and the owner is a laid back Paulista who when I asked if this is the beginning of a franchise, said no, he wants that anything he touches to have a soul–i guess no franchise. Lenny Neimeyer didn’t have her usual blowout at her Lagoa compound, instead she opted for an intimate gathering at Londra Bar, I took a pass. That’s because the night before on Monday, Victor Dzenk’s party (see Party Page photos) at the new Copa Bar at The Copa Copacabana Palace Hotel thoroughly did me in. Not because I drank myself to the ground like a college student but because it’s been a wild three weeks of traveling, sleeping little and working loads. So much so that I had to consult a doctor about my worn out self, and the diagnosis was indeed exhaustion from little rest.

I spent my last day in Rio with a short trip to the beach to say goodbye to the editors who were staying on a day longer and then headed straight to the Fasano rooftop where Paula Mello, Fasano’s press doyenne is always kind to hook up my rooftop access if I’m not staying at the hotel. It was a lovely repose. I’m now filing this dispatch en route to Los Angeles via Miami only to turn around to go to Johanesburg at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I pray the beds on South African Airways are as soft as the clouds in the skies.

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