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Much has changed since the days when perfumes were strictly a commodity of the big, commercial fashion and beauty companies. The 21st century’s love affair with the individual and quirky has bred a welcome crop of edgy designer perfumes. Some are already available to be picked up, and others we eagerly anticipate. The idiosyncratic duo Viktor & Rolf has one in the making, set to be launched in the next two years. Judging by the eccentricities of these gentlemen, the outcome will most definitely be beyond the mundane. Boudicca, the British label is currently working on a version as well, to be brought out in early 2004. Brian Kirkby and Zowie Broach, the designers behind the label, are collaborating closely with perfumier Geza Schoen, and assured JC Report that the outcome will be a very exciting, intellectual, and totally ground breaking affair. Continuing the designer-gone-perfumier trend, Alessandro Dell’Aqua‘s perfume will not disappoint his followers. In line with the Dell’ Aqua’s fashion philosophy, the scent is uber-feminine yet distinctly sharp: soft notes of pelargonium, hibiscus, and peon flirt ambiguously with undertones of musk and cedar wood. Chic handbag queen Kate Spade recently launched a delightful fragrance that embraces the designer’s favorite bouquet of flowers — summer honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, and muguet. Matthew Williamson‘s travel expeditions in Bali, Thailand, and India inspired him to capture the smells he discovered: santal mysore of kerela, incense, and golden saffron flowers. The fragrance name Incence was the result, and it feels as though one is transported to the Far East at the mere whiff of the scent. Aromatherapy at it’s best, non?

- Emma Holmqvist
Photo : Matthew Williamson’s Incence perfume

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