Fashion’s Injury List, Vegas, Marianne Williamson, Skinny Bitch

Jason Campbell

I feel like I’m on the injury list in the Fashion Week competition this season. First I was grounded from attending the New York shows due to the weather. London was never in the cards this season and now Paris is definitely not happening. I’m staying put in LA to work with clients on the Oscars which seems to be a never ending process of reviewing swatches, searching for shoes, jewelry and clutches. It will come together but I’ll be working up till the eleventh hour to make it happen.

In the midst of all of this, I had to pop over to Las Vegas for a couple days to attend Capsule, Project and Magic tradeshows. Meghan Cleary and I took my car on its first road trip for the 4-hour drive through the Mojave desert to Vegas. I get antsy on long car rides, this trip was oddly painless; it felt more like a 2-hour trip. We were put up at the Vdara Hotel, a brand new hotel on the strip in the new City Center that houses the Crystals Shopping District (See our profile on the retail mecca out tomorrow). The whole complex with its glass façade that actually lets in natural light is in stark contrast to the tomblike lobbies/shopping spaces one usually finds in Vegas. The Vegas trip was 2 ½ days long, which was just about my threshold.

Our Premium Trend Report for sale on the site surrounds the heritage movement that has blown into vogue in the last year and half or so and I was curious to see how designers moved the trend forward. Capsule is ground zero for the movement and what I can say it that the trend is going strong, it has simply soften a bit. Think plaid in prettier, less muddy colors.

Back in LA, I’ve been trying be more social. Over the last week, I spent a lazy day brunching at Cecconi’s and lounging at the Abbey with my Malibu posse Ann Eysenring, Cassandra Corum and Co. Monday night, I was at Church boutique for the launch of Diederik Comte (Michel’s son) menswear line. See the photos on our Party Pages tomorrow. And last night I went one of Marianne Williamson’ weekly Tuesday lecture. I had no idea. The turnout was beyond, the energy was amazing and Marianne’s message truly resonated with me. A couple takeaway quotes. “Only what you’re not giving is lacking in any situation.” “If anybody brings you love, everybody brings you love.” The night was capped off with dinner with Marianne, Kathy Freston, the hilarious Skinny Bitch author Rory Freedman and The Duchess actress Hayley Atwell at The Tar Pit, a new restaurant with a sexy interior on North LaBrea.

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