Fashion’s Night Out, Vanity Fair Best Dressed, New Mailer

The merciless jolt into the season is on. From the start of the week, a tsunami of communiqués from PR firms began rubbernecking in my inbox and shows no signs of abating. Fashion’s Night Out is over, so that strain of mail has stopped and now the invitations to the many events at the European Fashion Weeks have started up. I still contend that communication is more frenetic since e-vites took hold over the last year but I seem to be the only one talking about this. So I’ll stop the bitching and get on with the musings from the last couple days.

In my last dispatch I told you that I’d be on the sidelines for Fashion’s Night Out thus I followed the movements via tweets and phone calls. It appears that stores were packed with folks turning out to see the varied store attractions (Hamish Bowles crooning at the Juicy Couture store or Zac Posen live painting at Bergdorfs), the sales figures however will ultimately determine the success of the night.

Last month I tweeted about one of my private styling clients making the Vanity Fair Best Dressed List. Kathy Freston is that client and she attended the VF luncheon yesterday where the list-makers were feted. I thought her inclusion on the list was genius as she is a vegan and approaches her fashion restrictions similarly to her dietary ones. That means buying a lot of Stella McCartney (especially the footwear). Furs of course are no-no. And an overall consciousness is employed when determining which brands see her dollars. Kudos to VF for recognizing that fashion can be conscientious.

I’m psyched to resume standard programming with JC Report. Our mailer is back on regular frequency and so is the daily number of stories. See our latest newsletter out today and look out for some new features in the coming weeks. One hint. Shopping.

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