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Fine Jewelry Shines in Paris

Stephanie Smith

While Paris Fashion Week presentations caused quite a stir, we at JC Report couldn’t help our wandering eye. We adored the collections but it was the decadent, delicate and oh-so feminine jewelry that really captured our attention.

Here are a few of the designers we couldn’t help but notice:

Siri Jewelry:

Drawing on rare old-world goldsmith techniques Siri Healy handcrafts each and every piece in her eponymous line. A former attendee of Le Arti Orafe Jewelry Academy in Italy, Healy has trained in both traditional smithing and contemporary design. She channels this acquired knowledge to create custom pieces in her Washington State studio. Did we mention the studio comes complete with gorgeous mountain views? Healy’s jewelry also earns extra points with us for its use of recycled material, and her personal passion for sustainability and green lifestyles. It’s always refreshing to see conscious fashion.


La Brune & La Blonde:

“This is the story of a brown and a blonde, both love diamonds.” The blonde, Veronique Tournet, and the brown, Rebecca Levy’s shared history begins with this sentence. After graduating from the French Institute of Paris the duo united their talent, and presumably their love of diamonds to create a line of jewelry marked by its delicate, feminine silhouettes. Having made appearances in Vogue, Oui Magazine and L’Offciel it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones utterly charmed by the pairs whimsical designs and ladylike sensibility.


Carrie K:

Singapore-based artisan designer Carolyn Kan’s foray into the world of jewelry began after she took time away from an advertising agency job and on a whim took silversmithing classes in France. Only a year after launching her line she won ELLE’s “Jewelry Designer of the Year” award. From there, her future as a designer was set in stone. Marked by a seamless marriage of traditional craftsmanship and alluring new design concepts, Carrie K aims to “challenge our notions of what makes something precious and desired.” Her progressive pieces do just that. With titillating collection names like Raw, A Beautiful Mess and Gender Bender, Kan’s pieces fearlessly walk the line of radical and tame.


Vanrycke Paris:

Native Parisian Lise Ferreira Vanrycke’s “Made in Paris” jewelry has effortless je ne sais quoi and an unstudied, utterly breathtaking exquisiteness that captivates. Her process is simple: she imagines she is making the jewelry for herself. Vanrycke’s collections are evidence that there are few ways more effective in forging the perfect combination of decadent and wearable, modern and classic than to design for ones own pleasure rather than for profit. Vanrycke’s pieces have graced the pages of Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar and Grazia Magazine among others.

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