Five-Star Luxury

Five-star luxury is the coveted hotel endorsement for global navigators, but a new brand has quite literally appropriated that concept for clothing. *****L in shorthand and as it’s printed on a hip line of street wear is “CingetoileLuxe” when spelled out in French. The Paris-based company from Thierry Le Pin (former head of design and production at Joseph and sales executive at Yohji Yamamato) counters the industry strategy of tuning to the streets for luxury label inspiration, instead *****L(we like how it looks) searches the fantasy world of luxury hotels for design cues to inform scrumptious street wear. *****L’s iconic white velvet jersey track suits decorated with gold lettering take inspiration from the five-star hotel robe. The label plans to expand on the ironic idea of a hotel marking on a range of hotel-related lifestyle items, such as bath products, luggage, stationery, etc. Until then, while the rest of the world buzzes about Sean John,
, and Ecko, in Paris the new street wear sensibility isn’t ghetto fabulous, it’s simply luxurious. American retailers take note; the brand is sold across the world, but not in America.

- Jason Campbell

Photo: *****L Fall 2003

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