Florianopolis, The Ibiza of South America

Having appeared in the gossip columns in Florianópolis, I expected to be highly visible while running around town and taking in the local scene.

And I went out with a vengeance.

It was beach and poolside by day and discos by night. I sampled only one of the 46 local beaches, but Jurere International beach was perfect for tasting the flavor of this coastal city, which pulses with attractive people who love dance music. At the beach, we perched right next to Café de la Musique, one of the current hotspots luxuriously layed out with outside lounge and decks for dancing. Though lounge music was played in the day, it’s only at night that the place truly gets rocking.

In addition to Café de la Musique, I also experienced its sister club Posh, which, by all accounts, is the hot spot du jour. Posh lives up to its billing as one of the best clubs in the world, as voted by MixMag. The level of gorgeousness was extreme—it felt like landing on the island of the beautiful people who know how to party. They stomped, screamed and danced to DJ Steve Angelo, while ordering copious magnums of champagne until 5am.

On Saturday I went to Green Valley, an club located about an hour and a half drive from Florianópolis. It was a scene that looked like Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting For Tonight” video: all swaying, pulsing bodies and nonstop music. Tall palmetto trees and other lush vegetation framed the massive tent, replete with a mini lake, grounds with multiple lounge areas and an overall surreal gathering of thousands of hotties dancing the night away. I was told that it’s one of the favored places for international DJ such as Eric Murillo, Sascha and Justice. And it’s certainly as exotic as it comes.

The restaurant scene is also happening. Many of the kitches we checked out were only open a few months: Italian-fusion restaurant Riso and Co recently opened its doors, as did nearby Bianco, another Italian fusion place, on Rua Bocaiuva. Bianco doubles as a club where the Buddha bar crew from Paris played over the weekend. Tatsuya, opened by two San Francisco expats was only two weeks old, and Deck, located closer to the Lagoa area, opened the very night we popped in with friends of the owners. Florianópolis is an extraordinarily exciting place perfect for partying among glamouristas, so don’t waste a second to book your ticket to this Ibiza of South America.

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