For the Fortunate, Ways To Discreetly Buy Luxury

According to Forbes, those among us who the economy hasn’t hit may feel guilty or embarrassed about success in tough times. Though the Federal Reserve reported in September that U.S. household net worth dropped $2 trillion over the last year, it’s still a whopping $17 trillion more than it was in 2002, which means that some — despite a beyond-volatile market — are much richer than they were less than a decade ago. Still, the crisis has forced even the well-off to rethink their shopping habits.

Got it? Well be careful flaunting it. See the full article at


Photo: Proenza Schouler PS1 Handbag, $1,995. The first handbag from Proenza Schouler, the PS1 (shown here in Midnight) is understated and sturdy with no lavish hardware or visible signs of branding.

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