Forget Me Not Scarves

Forget Me NotScarves straddle a fine line between apparel and accessory. Functional yet subtle, an elegant scarf is both an essential wardrobe item and a highly personal accent. Designer and illustrator Corinne Brun produces unique scarves under the label Forget Me Not that capture this enigmatic fashion staple’s wistful identity.

London-based Brun’s talent for pattern and print details has been sharpened through work for clients including Karl Lagerfeld, Longchamp and Evian, but Forget Me Not showcases Forget Me Not, Corinne Brunthe range of her aesthetic eye. Using each oversized piece of silk like an artist’s canvas, Brun conveys a range of bright, eye-catching colors and diversely inspired prints. “[My scarves] are larger than most primarily because I’m interested in witnessing the different ways in which prints are able to transform according to the wearer,” Brun explains, “They can be twisted, tied or tucked: the possibilities are endless, and essentially, these scarves enable (and encourage) the wearer to experiment with the fabric as opposed to opting for simple knots.”

Her designs draw on geometric and graphic influences as well as notes of surrealist and fairy tale whimsy: angular, blocked colors against a creamy white and gray background; swirling, Pucci-esque blues and greens surrounding abstract splotches; finely detailed black-and-white drawings of birds and feathers interspersed with geometric lines and shapes. For spring/summer ’12, Brun particularly drew from Egyptian-inspired Nefertiti influences, as evidenced in antique designs and deep, rich colors.

Forget Me NotBrun’s unrivaled designs are digitally printed onto silk via a specialist manufacturer in Como, Italy, a region already known for its luxury and elegance. The current autumn/winter ’11 collection is available at Barneys, Le Bon Marche and Colette, as well as other international boutiques.

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