Fugahum's Fashion Country

Artist Akiyoshi Mishima and fashion designer
Asuka Yamamoto invented the imaginary country of Fugahum to serve as a conceptual basis for their brand of the same name. Mishima is the director of art unit
Enlightenment and Yamamoto formerly worked as a patterner for Yohji Yamamoto Femme, making this duo a striking fusion of fine art and fashion. Each of their equally conceptual collections adhere to thematic chapters in the
fictional country’s history, with spring/summer ’09 marking the era of the “Gradated Kingdom.”

The lush collection is a play on gradients with fractal
patterns, old-world pictorials and groovy shaman prints featured on
assymetrical dresses for women and jackets for men. The techie shaman
print comes from an installation by Mishima, where a touch-sensitive
screen of an old-world fortune-telling map emits flashes of color when
glow-stick stones are placed on it.

Mishima and Yamamoto also enlisted the help of jewelry designer Bumi to create two limited editions of the hand-carved Fugahum cuff bracelet. The most striking piece of the collection is a skirt-suit of printed denim, which undulates with giant pleats and folds, but still manages to look completely flattering. Fugahum is one “country” to put on your must-visit list—just steer clear of the pesky cultured invaders.

—Misha Janette

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