Geoffrey Young's Artisanal Arts and Aromas

Geoffrey Young is the Canadian-born taste-making craftsman du jour who helms his eponymous label from San Francisco. After cutting his teeth at Parsons School The New School for Design, where he earned a degree in product design, he found his way west to launch his unique brand. Enamored of treated textures and leathery aromas, Young’s signature pieces speak to his sure hand with soft lambskins and hardened hides, while his rocker-chic aesthetic draws on a wide range of disparate, ultra-cool references.

Young’s creative output spans everything from bison belts and buckles to custom leather pieces that would make even Steven Tyler salivate. With a true knack for metal fabrication and jewelry construction, Young is able to fuse dark, rock ’n roll mementos with unexpected categories such as interior ornament and home décor. “I’m not a designer who begins from scratch every season; I know what I’m passionate about and I know what motifs matter to me,” Young explains. “My challenge is to channel those elements into more directional designs and push the limits on what can constitute accessories, home décor and specialty products.”

Young’s latest venture in particular has taken a decidedly cool twist from “skinspirator” to candle curator. Along with Brooklyn-based Joya Candle Co., Young has delivered a superb, au courant range of seductively scented candles cased in glam-heavy edgy vases. But don’t think cookie-cutter fruits and rose bouquets; rather, Young has crafted delightfully intoxicating candles infused with—take a guess—potent leather aromas.

Inspired by customers who responded favorably to the aromatic, spicy scent of his leather workshop, Young endeavored to capture the olfactory qualities of his atelier and embody them in the treated wax of a votive candle. “My design process is an evolving one and creativity comes through observing the world and then connecting the dots in my own subjective way,” he explains of the concept’s origin. Drawing on viticulture (he is headquartered in wine country, after all) Young was able to impart the complex fragrances of his Northern Californian neighborhood with his favorite whiff—leather.

Young’s quick resolve and spontaneous alchemy has resulted in a collection of amazing scents that are hand poured and packaged to perfection in custom hand-made containers by glass blower Jen Morgan. These unique products include the “Palo Santo,” which includes notes of liquid amber, oak moss and suede, as well as “Leather Workshop With The Window Open,” which features lavender, honey, bergamot, cardamom and saddle leather as its fragrance notes.

With an exclusive new scent in the works for Barneys New York and a small collection of the candles available at San Francisco shopping musts Carrots, Downtown and The Archive as well as LA’s Guild and Maxfield Los Angeles, Young’s earthy aromas are already getting around.

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  1. Joya candles are fantastic! We have just recently started importing them to the UK, where they are proving to be very popular and this is just the kind of collaboration which marks them out as different from other candle brands

  2. I have one of Young’s luminous creations defining the middle of the counter in my house, which is really the center of all activity. I love the candle and the scent is divine. Everyone who comes comments on the beauty of the candle and it’s redolence. Thanks Geoffrey!

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