Good Jeans

A.P.C.’s new Butler Worn-Out jeans series is brilliant. There are two types of A.P.C. denim faithfuls: those who aim to preserve the jeans’ signature original indigo hue so much that they bid each washed & faded pair a tearful farewell, and those who prefer theirs a bit loose and honest-to-God broken in.

So, capitalizing on the wonts of their denim devotees, A.P.C. is turning customer satisfaction on its head. Now, people who prefer their jeans unwashed can return the used denim in trade for a new pair at half price. A.P.C. will mark the recovered denim with the initials of he-who-wore-them-in, wash, repair and iron them as suited, then resell to those who favor that pre-worn, pre-loved look. Genius.

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Camille Drummond

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