Growing Green

Green is said to be as agreeable to the eyes as the sight of a beautiful woman, yet the color has been underrepresented in recent times, unless you count the perennial green Wellington boot. We’ve seen frequent revivals of reds, grays and browns in the fashion color scheme, but finally change is afoot for green in every shade. In current and forthcoming collections, many designers included green, the color that has been known to symbolize paradise, fertility, calm and even desire and envy. Miuccia Prada injected splashes of glistening emerald green into her generally subdued color palette of white, chocolate brown and smoky blue at Prada. The effect was stunning, marking the little Prada emerald duchesse satin skirt, a must-have for this spring. Alexander McQueen included an outfit in vivid lime green in his spring presentation otherwise dominated by black, white and earthy shades. Matthew Williamson used both aqua and mint green to complement his trademark candy color spectrum for fall. Hamish Morrow and Paul Smith rarely produce collections without the green playing a crucial role; this season they’re intersecting with an important trend. If you need further confirmation to the rise of the color trend, on the streets of New York green is the quickly becoming the color choice for kids who dress up in Russell Athletics hoodies. Historically speaking, the color green was very difficult to produce and consequently the most expensive to buy. So for that extra sense of luxury and distinction, wear green this spring and indulge!

- Emma Holmqvist
Photo: Paul Smith fall 2003

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