Hang on to Those Tags!

Imagine this: when taking the beautifully designed hand tag off your newly purchased accessory, instead of throwing it into the trash you plug it right into the CD drive of your PC and automatically get information about the item you have purchased, a slideshow of the collection it belongs to, the season’s advertising campaign by the specific label, a link that takes you directly to the brand’s website as well as endless offers, competitions, sister brands, music clips, movie trailers and links to other relevant sites. This is the vision of a forward-minded, technology driven boutique consulting firm, Coltrane-Parker with their invention Tag CDs. If they can have things their way, the faces of fashion and entertainment as we know them will get a bit of a “Jacko.” Largely due to the current economy and shrinking profit margins, the way forward is to add value to products. By utilizing existing as well as new cutting edge technology, Tag CDs are used as an incentive to increase customer loyalty and introduce new cross-marketing and advertising content strategies. Diesel might have jokingly splashed onto its recent ad campaigns that they will be tracking you via chip insert, (see JC Report issue 9) but look again; they might not be that far from the truth.

- Georgia Alexandra Davis

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