Hats Off To House Of Flora

When it comes to accessories, Flora McLean has a knack for the avant-garde.
Though formally trained in womenswear, McLean eventually discovered her true calling lay in accessories—particularly in hatwear. Beginning her career as a simple prop maker for images and commercial collections, Flora’s keen eye and attention to detail soon inspired her to start her own label, aptly named House of Flora.

Under her creative instruction, House of Flora has flourished into a well-
respected and highly coveted label. McLean’s imaginative line of opulently outlandish headwear includes everything from PVC berets to Iconic Head hairstyle hats, and has graced the pages of some of the world’s best fashion glossies and premiere catwalks. McLean’s commitment to unusual and unconventional materials such as PVC, Perspex and wood veneer is what makes each piece so distinct—her designs interact with these materials and textiles, creating an iconic yet quirky aesthetic that is totally her own.

McLean’s designs exhibit heavy influence from architectural forms and geometry. A theme of sharp precision and angularity runs throughout her work, particularly the strong lines found in the jewelry and eyewear collections. McLean is also inspired by obscure historical figures, a fact that complements the wonderfully unexpected nature of each design piece.

These playful, modern designs pay homage to the structured glamour of yore, while invoking a harsh sense of utilitarian futurism. This duality is especially strong in the spring/summer ’09 collection, which is both conceptually and visually striking. These boldly imaginative statement pieces are sure to catch attention, propelling House of Flora further into the spotlight, and deeper into our hearts.

For more information, see www.houseofflora.net.

—Tala Bouzarjomehri

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