Hit-Knitster Marcia Patmos Goes Independent

M PatmosIt was a gloomy day for New York’s knitwear lovers and layer goddesses when Marcia Patmos and Tina Lutz ended their ten-year business and design partnership. But just as the Lutz and Patmos separation subsided, Patmos resurfaced with her very own line, M. Patmos, in a Moroccan-themed presentation for the upcoming a/w ‘11 season. As this new independent label shows, Patmos is not afraid of getting down to the knitty gritty.

Patmos’ tribal-inspired line speaks of her sure hand and expertise when it comes to knitwear. It might sound like familiar territory for the designer given her previous label, but she still manages to find something new in every approach. “[Knitwear] is a never-endingly interesting combination of the highly technical and the artisanal,” Patmos explains of her love for the medium, “it mixes intricate problem solving with color and pattern.”

M PatmosPerhaps what thrills us most about Patmos’ deviation is her true knack for pinning textures and shapes. Offering a range of other materials that complement knitwear, M. Patmos will pair leather, fur, silk and double faced wool as key pieces in her hit knit collection—imagine delicate lingerie inspired cottons, exceptional and extreme chunky cashmeres, soft matte leathers, cobwebbed merino stitches, heavy wools mixed with metallics, blanket weave baby alpaca mixed with ribs, glamorous and sumptuous hand-knit fur, densely hand-beaded sequins on silk georgette. Patmos has also achieved the maximal and minimal in silhouettes from clingy underpinnings to slouchy cardigans, dramatic coats, short shorts and even maxi skirts.

M PatmosIn addition to its appealingly multi-layered nature, knitwear has the added appeal of being sustainable and, for the most part, season-less. Patmos emphasizes quality in her collection, even opting for more expensive fabrics despite the downturned market. “There is a market for beautiful things you can’t find anywhere else,” she confidently explains. Believing in the customers desire to spend wisely, Patmos further noted that the longevity of the purchase will leave a lasting impression as seasons and trends time-out. Fortunately, for those not willing to take the plunge, Patmos’ new line will also offer eco-friendly merino wool.

Patmos will ring in her new line by launching an online store just in time for fall, and will also continue to expand and experiment in other luxurious categories that are complementary to her knit-knack core collection (shoes, home and jewelry yet to come). “I am constantly inspired,” she admits. “I have my camera with me 99% of the time and often go back and reference photos I have taken for color, texture and ideas.” With clean, minimalistic modernity, M. Patmos’ aesthetic will remain the same—as will her fine tuned hands. Browse Barneys to get your hands on her it-knits for fall and you’ll find yourself cozying up in fashion’s finest for years to come.

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