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Holiday Gifts for All Ages!


JC Report collaborated with kinder MODERN to present a curated Chanukah and Christmas list we hope will inspire children big and small to be collectors.  Sophisticated gifts for kids can include inexpensive paper items, precious objects or even art made from interesting materials. We know how quickly some toys can get moved to the back of the bin–so why not invest in amazing objects your whole family will enjoy?



We’re absolutely drooling for these incredible handmade people blocks. They’re a collaboration between Andy Rementer–one of our favorite illustrators/artists–and Berlin-based Case Studyo: Case Studyo People Blocks / From: Andy Rementer /Age: all.


What parent hasn’t thought about putting initials in their kids’ room? This monogram takes it a step further with patinated fine silver for the hottest alphabet around: Neon Alpbabet / From: Study O Portable / Age: all.


What better way to add a playful pop of color than a pickup truck in neon resin and marble? They’re perfect for the display shelf: Reality Pickup / From: Areaware / Age: all.


This silver turtle box is ideal for a teenagers nightstand or desk, we can even picture it on mommy’s vanity: Turtle Box / From: Areaware / Ages: 6 & up.


We dig dolls of every era but we’ve got to say we adore the modern slant. Alexander Girard’s reintroduced wooden dolls are absolutely lovely. Our gallery normally steers clear of reissues, but this is a fun exception: Wooden Dolls  / From: Alexander Girard / Ages: 6 & up.


Here’s another really lovely doll, and a futuristic one at that. The students of Bauhaus were so far ahead of their time: Futurist Doll / Age: all.


Who wouldn’t want this incredible piece of art in their kids’ space? Using found materials, clay, fabric and papier-mâché, Souther Salazar elevates ordinary materials to the extraordinary: I Hope You Know Where You’re Going / From: South Salazar / Age: all.


Now this is a good place to huddle up and make some art: Kids Tent / From: ferm LIVING / Ages: 3 & up


White, weird and wonderful: we desire Jim Oliveira’s white totem sculpture in any family space: White Totem / From: Mondo Cane / Age: all.


Boys of all ages (and girls, too) will love this ode to the Mexican wrestler.  After all, there’s nothing more colorful or fierce than a luchador: Lucha Libre Bank / From: Dora Caza / Ages: 8 & up.



Great for play or display, these building blocks are taken to a new level with the clock totem by Dino Sanchez: Totems / From: House & Hold / Age: all.


A super fun, historical and beat up toy, this tractor has been around since the 1960s. We dare you to destroy this ride-on by Community Playthings: Ride-on Tractor / From: kinder MODERN /Age: all.


As a super fan of Keith Haring’s art, what’s cuter than sitting on it: Chair / From: Vilac / Ages: 2 & up.


Renate Muller’s incredible rhino therapeutic toy is a wonderful addition to any kids room for play or display.  Get it at R20th Gallery: Rhino / From: Renate Muller / Age: all.


Cathy McClure’s mechanical works are evocative of children’s toys, but are incredible and thoughtful sculptures that are perfect for little ones and adults: Tumble Time / From: Cathy McClure / Age: all.


We’re a bit biased on this one, as there’s not much Casati Gallery presents that we don’t want, especially this Enzo Mari Pesce Puzzl with a psychedelic 70s vibe: Puzzle / From: Casati Gallery / Age: all.


To display or to sail?  That is the question. Haptic Lab knows all about catching chic air, and this ship/kite hybrid is all the proof you need: Sailing Ship Kite / From: Haptic Lab / Ages: 3 & up (with supervision).


We always say: give a kid a polaroid and see if he makes a living.  We’ve been using our instamatic to make amazing photo books since our boy was 3!  This is truly an all-age gift: Instax 90 / From: Fuji / Ages: 4 & up.


Miniatures and paper art combine in this inexpensive and engaging work of art.  Robert Czajka knows what’s up: Paper Town / From: The Kid Who / Ages: 4 & up.


Alex Hellum for Kids on Roof rocked the cardboard art with this one.  The Trojan Horse is so many good things: recycled cardboard, simple clean design lines, and  of course animals: Trojan Horse / From: Kids on Roof / Ages: 2 & up.



Ace & Jig pants in eye catching indigo twist, need we say more? Our only wish is that these were adult sized: Kids Mini Pant Indigo Twist / From: Ace & Jig.


Waddler’s guilt-free Alpaca gilet features fur collected from animals that died naturally: Alpaca Fur Gilet / From: Waddler.


Here’s yet another alpaca fur piece from Waddler, the hand knitting on this waistcoat is an added treat: Illimani Waistcoat with Fur Trim / From: Waddler.


Stella McCartney military jacket for girls, need we say more: Lee Military Jacket / From: Stella McCartney.


M&M knows how to make quality kids clothing, period: Mini & Maximus Army Green Sweatshirt / From: Kitson.


The patterns from Mini Rodini are to die for, you’ve got to appreciate fierce color palettes and even fiercer patterns: Snow Leopard Dress / From: Mini Rodini.


Scotch & Soda’s unisex rucksack is the ultimate way to store all of your holiday loot: Unisex Tie Dye Rucksack / From: Scotch & Soda.


Bobo Choses nails simple, sweet and timeless with this all purpose carryall: Trumpet School Bag / From: Bobo Choses.


You can’t get much more stylish or comfortable than this sweater. It’s got a muted pallet and soft hand feel your little one will love: Unisex Sweatshirt / From: Bobo Choses.

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