I Made The Gossip Columns

My arrival in Florianópolis with my friend and travel companion Stefan Hottinger-Behmer, the editor-in-chief of Zurich-based Gatsby Magazine, was met by an announcement in the local newspaper. We’re both the guests of Pedro and Janice Hering, a couple with deep roots in the region, and Pedro is the PR extraordinaire for several of the hot clubs and restaurant. Pedro innocently told gossip queen Juliana Wosgraus of Diario Catarinense who we were and how we’d be spending the next few days, and she promptly dished the details in her popular Page Six-type column. Frankly, she was more clued in to my itinerary that I was, even mentioning some of the private clients on my personal styling roster. It was quite funny to have the hotel’s front desk dispatch a photocopy of the mention to our rooms. Now I feel like we’ll be making personal appearances, staging photo ops and getting pursued by paparazzi. Well, maybe not a paparazzi pursuit, but let’s say this probably won’t be a below-the-radar trip.

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