Illustrations: Daphne Guinness' Eccentric Beauty

As an illustrator, I’m hungry for inspiration and there’s nothing more rousing than a woman with impeccable style.  These are the muses who motivate us to create visionary dreams and images that become part of our collective consciousness.

Daphne Guinness, heiress to the Guinness beer fortune, is a socialite, journalist, fashion icon and source of great inspiration for designers and artists.  With her angular facial features and two-toned coiffure, Guinness exudes femininity and strength with a signature style.  In the same vein as Vivienne Westwood, Anna Piagi, and the late Isabella Blow, Guinness is an eccentric beauty unabashed at pushing boundaries. Fascinated by the transformative power of fashion and the art of body decoration, she opts for opulent couture creations and loves body armor–it’s no surprise, then, that she designs her own exquisitely crafted metal accessories. She’s a 21st century aristocrat,the kind of woman who leaves the Chanel runway show on the back of a motorcycle, in an ice blue frock, dripping in crystals. True Story.

I thought it fitting to celebrate her birthday this month with a classic image of Guinness.  It’s one of my favorite looks, inspired by the “Future Couture” issue of Vogue Italia, shot by Steven Klein. Daphne Guinness at her best: powerful, unconventional and, yes, inspiring.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge image. All images © Shane Ballard 2010. All rights reserved

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