Illustrations: A Fall Street Story

I love to watch people. Shooting spontaneous moments on the streets of New York with my camera, then capturing them via illustration has become my new obsession. This city is filled with the most stylish people in the world and every one of them has a story to tell.

While taking a recent stroll through fashionable Soho, I encountered a beautiful couple with matching Pomeranians having a lover’s quarrel. There was something androgynous about the way she wore a classic biker jacket and distressed, designer denim. Apparently Romeo said something that upset her and was trying to explain it all away. She turned and left him standing there as the light shone on the hardware of her slouchy, leather ankle boots. Very dramatic.

The lady in black strolled down Prince Street as if it were her own private runway. It’s easy to blend into a crowd wearing all black—no matter what the color of the moment is, black will always be the default setting for modern urbanites—but this femme fatale was a standout in a cropped fur jacket, lurex leggings and statement platforms. She stopped to admire her reflection in a store window and ran her fingers through her hair, then ducked into luxury lingerie boutique, Agent Provocateur.

These are cinematic moments from everyday life that I just happened to stumble upon. It makes me ponder William Shakespeare’s observation: “All the world’s a stage. And the men and women merely players…”

Illustrations is a weekly series of style observations by fashion illustrator, designer and creative director Shane Ballard.

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