Illustrations: Style Times Two

It was around midnight when I encountered a group of young, fashionable style junkies on the subway. Their energy was palpable and all eyes were glued to the pair of enigmatic twins causing fabulous chaos. They posed for their admirers. Twin #1 checked her cell phone. Click. Flashes went off all around them. Twin #2 fixed the buckle on her stiletto. Click, click… more flashes. The twins and their entourage transformed the F train into their own private photo studio, hardly noticing the other passengers on the subway car. I was reminded of the days when Voguers brought street glamor to the forefront and club kids floated around the East Village wearing platforms and glitter in broad daylight. These ladies wore their sunglasses at night… and underground.

Several days later, while browsing trend blogs, I found an article about identical twins and eye-wear designers, Coco and Breezy. Their futuristic “20/20″ optical collection is chic armor for the urban warrior. Coco and Breezy are a new generation of fashion talent, reinventing iconic styles with a cutting-edge vision for fashion accessories.

“Coco And Breezy Illustrated In Haider Ackermann Spring 2011″
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