In the Haus: Lady Gaga's Team Spirit

The blogosphere recently went, well, gaga when rumors surfaced that Nicola Formichetti might take over the revived Thierry Mugler label. Though Gareth Pugh was reportedly in the running for the position of artistic director chez Mugler just days before the report appeared, it’s Formichetti who’s now generating the most buzz—largely positive though as-yet-unsubstantiated. Beyond likely having to tweak his respective fashion and creative directorial gigs at Vogue Hommes Japan and Dazed & Confused, Formichetti would also be adding a new chapter to his well-chronicled tenure at the helm of Haus of Gaga.

By now, its namesake muse has essentially become a marketplace unto herself: sparking trends, igniting controversy and giving countless heretofore unknown designers their due props. When asked recently by a SHOWstudio reader how she and Formichetti, her de facto stylist, come up with those outré ensembles, Gaga explained: “He’s one of my best friends, and Nicola knows exactly who I am as a musician, an artist and a girl. And the whole Haus of Gaga works together.” Propelled in large part by the high-profile Formichetti, the Haus has become more than just a behind-the-scenes creative team—it works at inter-promoting and fashioning a professional network around arguably the most well-documented performer in the world.

The Gage team consists of an elite group of tastemakers—and its ripple effect is vast. Dazed contributor Anna Trevelyan has been assisting Formichetti on various Gaga-related projects for nearly two years, including the styling of the singer’s Armani, McQueen and Treacy-heavy video for her latest single, “Alejandro.” Formichetti also tapped set designer Andrea Cellerino for a recent Vogue Hommes editorial following his creation of over-the-top props for Gaga’s London concert series. Designer and girl-about-town Nova Dando (whose Trevelyan-styled accessories also appeared on Dazed Digital) has also since interviewed Fred Butler, who created the now-infamous “telephone” hat for the titular video. And, meanwhile, Gaga’s “creative director” and rumored paramour Matthew Williams reportedly collaborates on just about every outfit she wears, including the ones seen in yet another Dazed feature, an eponymously titled short film.

Back in November of 2009, the singer told MTV that “nobody gets” Haus of Gaga—then largely perceived by the public as an ersatz clothing brand—but added: “it’s not a commodity. It’s not something that’s meant to be sold.” Indeed, Haus-fashioned wares (the “cigarette” sunglasses, the studded Birkin) are not for sale, nor are there currently plans for a namesake line. In lieu of jumping on the celebrity-designer bandwagon, Gaga appears content to wear, and thus champion, both established and burgeoning labels—cross-promoted by Formichetti et al via blogs, video and editorials.

Having already forged relationships with the likes of Miuccia Prada, Calvin Klein and Viktor & Rolf, Gaga will likely continue supplementing her custom Haus wardrobe with bespoke, bigname designer pieces—aided by Williams and Trevelyan, while documented encyclopedically by Formichetti. Should the latter’s possible new gig pan out, we can also expect to see a healthy dose of Mugler added to the mix.

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  1. Whoa! Thanks JC , I had no idea who the Haus of Gaga consisted of. I recall a comment here on the JC report, and please excuse me if my memory fails me here, on luxury brands hesitant of embrassing social media networks for purposes of brand exposure. In my opinion, it’s genius the way the Haus of Gaga is cross promoting the brands they work with via blogs and ss media outlets. Of course and it goes without saying, their efforts are propelled by having an amazing talent in the forefront. However, their work and talent is reaching the masses because of the continuous coverage from the media and bloggers like you and I. In conclusion, and here comes the businessman in me, it would be silly to not embrasse this phenomenon.

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