Interview: Yu Wanning

MaoMao and Yu Wanning

MaoMao and Yu Wanning
Photo Benedicte Bro Cassard

« Evening » is the brand and although the designer is very good at creating party dress pieces, the brand is a wink at her name ‘Yu Wanning’. True talent is impossible to hide for long, and talent is the one thing that Wanning has in spades. Her elegant and timeless designs are impeccably cut and made in her couture line and in her RTW both presented side by side in her tiny 798 atelier. Prices are quite amazing like the gorgeous 100% cashmere coat with the wool Peter Pan collar that retails for ¥5500 RMB ($885). A graduate from the respected CAFA, Beijing answer to Parsons, Wanning is shy but her work speaks for itself and although she dreams of one day selling her collection internationally. I am quite sure that day will arrive sooner rather than later. She is already present in the most important Chinese boutiques and her asymmetrical white dress with the cashmere cape worn by the beautiful artist Kong Jingnan was one of the most elegant outfits of the Vogue party last month.


JC Report: In your own words, what defines your brand?

Wanning: Elegance, a sense of humor and some light between space and time.


JC Report: Who is your core customer?

Wanning: Artists, designers, models, women of all ages that are creative and engaged in a creative work.


Yu_Wanning2JC Report: Which stores are you targeting in the international market and why?

Wanning: I would love to be in stores that are selling Japanese and European brands with a more creative edge.


JC Report: Which international designers do you see yourself hanging next to in the retail environment?

Wanning: MMM, Hussein Chalayan, Undercover or Gaultier as I love how he mixes a solid sense of humour with his tailored cut.


JC Report: Why should an international audience care about designs coming out of China?

Wanning: China is a country with a large population and it has a long history. China has been contributing for a long time to the chain of the global fashion industry but now we need to let the world see how China is gradually contributing into design.


JC Report: In your opinion, what is the greatest misconception about Chinese designers?

Wanning: People tend to think of China as a production source and not as a source of design.


JC Report: Where do you see your brand going in the next few years?
Wanning: I would love to sell in Europe and Japan.


All photos courtesy Benedicte Bro Cassard

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