Isaora: Sportswear Meets Streetwear

Isaora a/w '11Isaora combines style, performance and protection for individuals seeking adventure in all walks of life. Inspired by snow, nature’s own white canvas, this high-end outerwear brand is ideal for everything from snowboarding the slopes to battling the elements of a morning subway commute. A chic yet sporty take on activewear, Isaora’s a/w ‘11 collection is fashion at the edge of functionality.

Founded in 2008 by Marc Daniels and Ricky Hendry, Isaora is a natural extension of the New York-based design duo’s snowboard-obsessed, adventure-riding lives. Firm believers in the notion that “technical performance and high style need not be mutually exclusive,” their latest collection incorporates everything from WWI-inspired long underwear to NASA-developed body Isaora a/w '11temperature regulating materials to a seam-sealed, waterproof tailored suit. Introducing merino wool, thermal based layers and weather-resistant pieces made this wearably distinct collection a true testament of a forward-thinking sportswear brand. Daniels and Hendry claim to “live where the forces of nature meet the forces of fashion,” and, sure enough, Isaora entered its third season in proud slickers crafted with the most revolutionized care, external beauty and sleek, superior aesthetic.

On the cusp of cutting edge design, Isaora’s masterminds took an innovative approach to dressing both the competitive and cosmopolitan lifestyles. Crisp and clean, the a/w ’11 collection is an example of technological advancement and sophisticated functionality. Catered to sport and street savvy dressers, the progressive line is a sure fit when fighting the forces of nature—whenever and wherever that may be.


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