It Was A Shopping Frenzy

Jason Campbell

For me, it’s a totally nerve-racking experience to put on an event of any kind. There are simply too many unknowns in conceiving of an event that depends on a number of parts working in harmony to achieve success. So when I decided to produce SHOP, a private shopping day, I knew from that day forward I’d be living in a tense state till the day of the function.

Until the eleventh hour, I was uncertain if some of the packages would make it through customs on time—most did, one very important shipment didn’t make it. But in spite of this setback, SHOP was a huge success. Some of New York’s most enviable shoppers–who I count as private clients and friends–turned out last Tuesday to the Red Bull Space in Soho to scoop up goodies from Lenny, Seedhouse Jewelry, Hanut Singh, J Mary, Sansavino 6, among others.

The ladies were impressed by the unique selection of products and their suitability for a variety of body types and tastes. I was particularly impressed with the vintage that these ladies gravitated towards from an embroidered Karl Lagerfeld floor-duster to structured Thierry Mugler suits, a ruched and clingy Norma Kamali spaghetti dress, to a red, red-carpet worthy Fabrice. And how thrilling was it to see supportive women, not content to make their own finds, but helping out their fellow sisters to discover their treasures.

The sisterhood on display was only one of the benefits of this kind of offline shopping. While we encourage shopping online directly from our site, offline shopping in such an intimate venue has many rewards. Firstly there’s the immediate feedback from the customer, ‘this fit is great for a tall woman, a disaster on anyone below 5’5’.’ ‘This particular blue has too much black in it, casting a dark shadow on my face,’ and so forth.

Most of all, SHOP was fun, full of good cheer and happy shoppers.

Many thanks to Red Bull Space, Matt, Lindsey, Tasha, Lisa, Nishay, Jason, and all of the vendors who participated.

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