Jac Langheim’s Latex Couture

Jac Langheim a/w '11With a lust for all things latex and couture, Jac Langheim blurs the line between risqué and refined. Taking the latex world to the next level and beyond, this envelope-pushing fashion designer has opted to use this alternative material as the inspiration for her work and the unrivaled medium for her creativity. Fittingly, Langheim has already dressed Lady Gaga in rubber themed epaulettes, bralettes and cropped latex jackets, but her visionary designs exceed mere hype and theatrics.

With just two collections under her belt, Langheim proves this natural material has a home in the high end market. The line redefines the suggestive nature of latex and the Jac Langheim a/w '11predisposed stereotypes associated with the dominatrix-filled fetish underworld by recontextualizing the material in timeless and elegant styles. Langheim’s a/w ’11 collection featured latex moto jackets, corseted dresses, tops, suit pants and skirts that were at once futuristic yet sophisticated renditions of classic looks. As the dressing of her craft, silk treated latex and raw matte finished garments were the heart and soul of timely costume-chic pieces that challenged the materials’ sleek exquisiteness when used respectively. And using zippers to counteract the materials’ nuisances, Langheim disguised the less-stress approach under a tuxedo stripe or two.

A true individual, Langheim has opened the world to the ways Jac Langheim a/w '11in which latex should be used by taking into account its ill-fitting regard as a material with little wiggle room. Her rubber couture goes where no other designer has gone before as she brings luxury back through an unlikely medium. Ahead of her time on the fashion frontier, Langheim’s work has changed the way we look at things and added value to a once fetish-clad ideal.