Jacey Withers' Supernatural Aide

Jacey Withers’ jewelry is inspired by mythical creatures and tribal symbolism. Using gems sourced from all over the world, Withers’ handcrafted pieces are assembled in London, developing from simple designs to elaborate creations that can turn an outfit into artwork.

After studying fashion and accessories at Berkshire College of Art and Design, Withers went on to study silver-smithing at the University of North London before embarking on her own label. Withers’ jewelry draws from her interest in magic, superstition and the unknown, and the resulting line of multilayered necklaces and drop bracelets are recognizable for their use of semi-precious stones such as pyrite, olive jade and rough-cut black tourmaline. Withers admits: “I like the idea of the viewer not being quite able to place or categorize the jewelry, if this is achieved then something unique may have been created.”

Withers’ inquisitiveness also includes interests in both quantum physics and alternative medicine, focusing on how they relate to the classic tales of myth and legend. The culmination of this artistic intelligence yields eerily stunning jewelry, boxes and other eye-catching accessories

For more information, see www.jaceywithers.com.

—Retna Wooller

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