Jefferson Hack Live Interview

The ever-innovative forces behind the Business of Fashion offer a unique new media opportunity this week through a live interview with Jefferson Hack, which will be streamed online for free. The Dazed & Confused founder and editorial director has been a pivotal influence on modern fashion with his publications, making this a rare chance to catch up on Hack’s stylish sensibilities. The interview will air live on Thursday April 29th at 7pm London time (that’s 8pm in Paris and Berlin, 2pm in New York) and can be viewed from their site. The interview will be conducted by Imram Amed, founder and editor of Business of Fashion, as part of the site’s Fashion Pioneers series. In its usual boundary-pushing way, Business of Fashion also invites viewers to join in on the interactive experience by sending in their own questions for Hack via Twitter (the event hashtag is #pioneers).

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