Jennifer Behr’s Head Gear

Once upon a time, women never left the house without something nicely adorning their heads. These days, however, a pair of sunglasses and an elastic hair tie are the uniform extent of accessories embellishments. Enter Jennifer Behr. Leather buckled head-bands, black pearl and crystal encrusted hair combs and chantilly edged veils are just some of the pieces that Behr is unleashing on an accoutrement-starved market.

Describing her work as a “cross between millinery and jewelry,” Behr exults in the tradition of ceremony associated headpieces in cultures around the world. While studying sculpture and art history at university, Behr took a millinery class that launched her in a whole new direction. She began to design handbags and hair accessory collections for hairstylist Frederic Fekkai, but eventually decided to pursue the void in the luxe hair accessories market. “It’s crazy ,” she remarks, “it is jewelry for the head and no one was making it in a luxurious, fashion-led way.”

Autumn/winter ’11 sees Behr using soft lambskin materials in a rich color palette, teamed with sourced vintage jewelry components used to build on the designs. Linear crystal arrangements, super saturated colors and the simple, clean lines of pure design are found within all of Behr’s work. Rope knotted silk head wraps, silk and rope detailed bands and crystal embellished Alice bands are just some of the Behr is now introducing in her new category of self-styling.