Julia Menthel: German Jewelry Goddess

Julia Menthel is an enigmatic German jewelry designer with a bright future ahead. Her collection skillfully mixes old world elegance with a hipster twist, creating jewelry that defies categorization.

Like many of her contemporaries, Menthel came to jewelry by way of fashion, having initially studied design in Florence, New York and London. She later designed accessories exclusively for Anne Klein and eventually became a jewelry consultant for Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, before moving back to her native Berlin to create her first solo jewelry line.

Menthel describes her work as individualistic, made for women who don’t usually wear jewelry, or who only wear a singe piece at a time. Each item is designed to be worn as a stand-alone piece, requiring no further embellishment—save the wearer herself.

“I find the contrast of traditional soft materials like lace, silk and feathers, and industrial materials like steel very interesting in combination,” says Menthel. Her resulting designs are primarily made with steel mesh, giving them an aesthetic that evokes the sturdy yet flowing texture of chain mail. Menthel’s latest collection is now available in stores.

—Candice Rafferty

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