Kim Kardashian: Symbol of Diverse Beauty

A quintessential example of 21st century famous-for-being-famous iconography, Kim Kardashian’s allure lies in her simultaneous balance of inaccessibility and total transparency. She is privileged, glamorous and occasionally bratty, but her candor and willingness to take risks has ultimately made her an irresistible public figure. From a daring W magazine cover photo to adoring support from designers like Marchesa and Vera Wang, Kardashian has become a figurehead for the changing face, shape and persona of beauty.

Kardashian bared her famous figure on the cover of W magazine’s November “Art Issue” with strategically placed messages over her bust, waist and hips that read, “It’s all about me, I mean you, I mean me.” The magazine’s sales jumped by 30% with this provocative cover, authenticating Kardashian as an even hotter commodity. On the topic of her body image, she admitted in the magazine: “I used to think I have to be this or that or skinny, and now, because of [Keeping Up With the Kardashians], everyone is embracing just me, which has given me such a confidence. Now, I’m like, ‘Why did I ever give that feeling the time of day?’”

In recent years we’ve seen a shift in the fashion industry’s attitudes toward body type and ethnic variety, but Kardashian has helped extend these traditional boundaries of beauty with her positive self-acceptance and commanding personality. Aware that she is bottom heavy, Kardashian embraces her sexuality and puts the whole package—and then some—out there. Her Armenian features, doll-like face, voluptuous endowments and non-runway 5’3″ stature make her both relatable as well as a model of diverse beauty.

Whether she’s clothed or baring it all on magazine stands, Kardashian is a trend topic to be watched in both fashion and social media platforms. With over six million followers on Twitter, she also boasts credentials as a business woman, exec producer, fashion designer, perfumista and, of course, reality star. Relishing the limelight by taking on whatever role she’s expected to play, Kardashian, a non-drinker, has no qualms about dancing on a table then sitting back down. She knows, whatever gets the press going, is good for business.

Likewise, her refreshing appearance at every red carpet event has not only catapulted her career from reality show diva to every designer’s dream girl, but her attendance, like an insurance policy, predicts the cameras will also be there. With cover girl status on Harper’s Bazaar and Glamour this year, we expect that much of what Kardashian says, does, buys and sells will continue to rule pop culture.

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  1. I saw the Kim & Courtney episode where Kim found out that these photos weren’t done the way they were explained to her. They are beautiful photos and not as pornographic as it sounded from the show. She is definitely a symbol of diverse beauty but shame on the magazine (or her manager – whoever was truly @ fault) for not being outright about how the photos would end up being. (She said that they were going to have an artistic bent – with a skyline or buildings painted over her so it wasn’t just about her body)

    Yes, Kim is definitely beautiful for her unconventional measurements and doll-like looks but agree that she as a person should be given the opportunity to show a little that people have more to offer for talents, whatever they are.

    Since seeing the episode, I’ve been waiting to see which magazine it was that published it. The reality show gave a nice glimpse into how sometimes, even celebrities are taken advantage of; however, I’m glad to see that the photos were not as pornographic as it sounded on the show.

  2. Really?
    So Kim looks different from runway models, and yet is still famous! Wow! Applaud her! It doesn’t matter why she’s famous! Buy her cheap shoes form China so she can be EVEN richer! Oh, and it’s so brave of her to go out in pretty dresses all the time to be admired, even though she is rotund and all.
    Am I the only person who finds the whole Kardashian thing trite, contrived, vulgar and insincere? It’s everything that is wrong with America in one show.

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