Late Shows, Hot Men At Zero Zero, Lacroix Inspires Art Exhibit

Late starting shows at Fashionrio are off the charts this season. Shows have been starting an hour or more late that has put a wrench in my party going schedule. There have been events from a Gilberto Gil concert on opening night, Victor Dzenk, Juliana Jabour and Cantao after show parties and a Vogue party at a Lapa dive bar, all of which I had to skip because the shows ended so late. Shows have typically ended at 11pm and by then it’s time for a wind down dinner and email catching up. That’s not to say I didn’t make it out. I went to Zero Zero for their long running Sunday night gay party that I’ve been to a few times on other trips Rio. Zero Zero consistently serves up an incredible edit of some of Rio’s most attractive men. There’s of course no shortage of handsome carioca men but at Zero Zero—without a selective door policy—attendees seem to know the rules. Be hot or don’t turn up!

Yesterday during a gap in the shows, I went to MAM (Museum of Modern Art) to see the Coopa-Roca exhibit. Coopa-Roca is a cooperative that empowers women living in the Rocinha favela to craft items from home and contribute to their household income. The cooperative linked up with Christain Lacroix to produce a stunning exhibition of mirrors, chairs and classical figures of women covered in shatung crochet to show that “Brazilian artisanal work and haute couture both have a place in MAM-Rio.” The resulting work is stunning.

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