Levi's Workshops Cultivates Culture

As initiatives like Salon/1, artists such as Lady Gaga and concept stores like Colette cultivate a growing dialogue between fashion and art, the interplay between culture and branding has also become increasingly intertwined. Now, Levi’s®, the brand once associated with defining the American attitude toward casual dressing, is cultivating a new era of arts and culture through its Levi’s® Workshops.

The series of interactive events will take place in San Francisco, the company’s hometown, drawing the brand together through collaborations with America’s most respected media creatives, writers, artists and performers. Inspired by Wieden + Kennedy’s Go Forth campaign, which was launched exactly a year ago, the workshops will pay homage to the principles of hard work and forward momentum around which the brand was built.

Located in San Francisco’s Mission District—just down the way from one of Levi’s® original factories—the workshop will host events throughout July and August with the complete schedule available to view online. Printing of the Levi’s® magazine First Person features work by Yoko Ono and Ryan McGinley, who shot the campaign images for Go Forth, while the reverse side of the large letter pressed newsprint features artwork by American sculptor and wax painter Lynda Benglis.

Under the umbrella, the workshops will host classes and creative initiatives. Chicago-based design collective Post Family and Craiglist founder Craig Newmark, for instance, have taken creative content from the internet to craft a series of artifacts with the help of using the manual printing equipment in the Levi’s® Workshop. And every Sunday, members of the public can create their own artwork using one of the two VanderCook proof presses at the studio.

Levi’s® Go Forth campaign captures what was once a simple workwear ethos and has since become one of the country’s oldest and most iconic labels. Through its workshops, the brand further illustrates its dedication to bringing community spirit and creative ideas together based on America’s past.

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  1. Someone at Levi’s has their head screwed on straight, finally. It’s great to see the once- struggling company come to life with new collaborations and innovative public events. Kudos.

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