LFW Dispatch: Pyrenex Premium Pop-Up Shop

Practicality turns into high fashion as Pyrenex Premium debuts with a pop-up shop at Dover Street’s Air Gallery during London Fashion Week. The “boutique éphémère” features the collection by Pyrenex and couturier Alexis Mabille who has used the brand’s traditional quilting techniques to create a range of luxury padded jackets that mirror his own playful yet elegant style.

Pyrenex is a leader in French sportswear, boasting fabric research that has lead to a range of fine goose-down jackets that are both lightweight and durable—in other words, popular with the global sporting community. In a bid to push their jackets into a more urban fashion genre, Mabille was chosen as creative director of this limited premium range. Although his eponymous label tends toward whimsical feminine elegance and sharp tailoring, Pyrenex CEO Edouard Crabos explained: “I have given carte blanche to Alexis Mabille. His daring and his creativity shakes up the classical lines of Pyrenex.”

Although puffer jackets, for instance, don’t stereotypically come under the fashion spotlight, Mabille has created a range of biker jackets, pea coats, capes, gillets and bombers that challenge the downy material’s lackluster style connotations. These urban jackets retain their practicality but introduce a palette of bright colors, elegant patent blacks and sculpted silhouettes that make for a refreshingly chic combination. Mabille has also added a touch of luxury with details like trims, gold zippers, sequins and a bold triangular logo design.

If this well-suited compatibility seems surprising, look no further than Mabille’s observation about the shared ethos: “We have the same way of thinking about freshness and happiness in work.”

The pop-up shop at 32 Dover Street is open until the 30th September.

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