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Liam Maher

About Liam:

Liam has the great pleasure of working as the design director at Denham in Amsterdam. Besides fighting the good fight with Jason, Marianne, Ali, Vivian, Lara and the rest of his creative crew,  he tries to  keep his mind and scissors sharp by sparring with inspiring fellow travelers. Most recently he has been celebrating the process of menswear design with Sam, Shaka and Matteo who are all involved with the  Art Comes First collective.


What’s hot right now?

A mash-up of quality craftsmanship originating from the past combined with future-facing inventiveness and experimentation. Creating a sort of “future utility” is endlessly intriguing to me. Along similar lines, the impulse to take sartorial style down a few pegs by rendering garment types  associated with tailoring into tougher work oriented fabrications with more rugged constructions continues to catch our imaginations. We’ve also been exploring styling refined sartorial pieces alongside more unpretentious rustic items.


What was the most fashionable thing you last bought?

I’ve been grooving on the O’Brian sweater from the Denham’s fall ’13 collection in particular. I also recently bought a  gold geometric, embossed leather derby shoe from Marsell, and a “Skylark” guernsey sweater from Old Town Clothing.  Not too long ago, I went to a local collectors fair and managed to find a WWI era aluminum  and copper trench art ring that’s pretty amazing.


What destination are you most looking forward to traveling to right now?

I’m writing this from a week’s holiday in Norfolk, UK. I’m very excited to be heading out to watch the sunset with my wife and our Dachshund on the beach this evening. We did it last night and the colors were absolutely off the hook.


What’s on your style wish list?

I’ve been waiting for Denham’s black Japanese stretch-selvedge Skin jeans to arrive. Aside from that, I could use a cooler phone cover for my Samsung Galaxy. Escaping the empire of the Iphone has its inconveniences.


What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe currently?

Denham Patrol chinos, a 1970′s MIL-SPEC  Eterna-Matic Kontiki wristwatch, and the horsehide hybrid work boots we did with The Last Conspiracy from Denmark.



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