London Fashion Week: Horace On A High

Horace is one of those labels that has operated on the subversive underground scene for some time (seven years to be exact). During this period the label has eluded the bold face mentions and fawning editorial support so many small London-based brands enjoy—an under-the-radar quality that doesn’t detract from the value and vision of the line.

To be fair, Adam Entwisle (Horace’s designer in partnership with Emma Hales) has been on the scene for a number of years showing his namesake collections as part of Fashion East. But Horace has stayed relatively quiet, selling to discerning boutiques globally—Kokon Tozai and Seven included—and to the usual solid lineup of Japanese stores. But now that the label is putting on catwalk shows, we forecast increased visibility for the brand. As one of the first shows we saw this week, we were struck by the Desert Survivor theme “meeting a post apocalyptic counterpart,” as Entwisle stated in his program.

The unisex collection had all the broke down luxuries. There were skinny leather separates, distressed denim and tunic-like shapes, oversized hoods and wholly knits in black, sand and the odd shock of red. The pieces were so titillating that the idea of snatching designs off the models backs and dashing out into the streets crossed our minds more than once. This may be theft, but a good sign of the brand’s appeal.

—Jason Campbell

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