Lovin' Your Laptop

Everybody appreciates a nice home—and that even includes your laptop. Don’t be thoughtless and simply throw your poor, long-suffering computer into a nondescript sleeve before tossing it in your big day bag. Instead, try protecting it in Violet May’s super luxe, silver (with mint green lining) python computer clutch.

This glamorous statement piece has quickly become one of the most coveted items in Violet May’s lifestyle accessories range. And, if it were squashed down a little, the piece would even make for a very stylish evening bag, as the simple design and elegant clasp lend themselves to any occasion—be it boardroom or ballroom! Though the large scales line up in large stripes to make it look obviously fake, we doubt anyone expects their computer sleeve to be authentic python. In fact, it’s probably best for long-term wear and tear that it’s not.

The sleeve comes in two sizes—13″ for $467 and 15″ for $501.50—available exclusively at www.violetmaylondon.com.

—Candice Rafferty

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